Pest-Proof Your Home This WintertimeWith temperatures cooling down and grounds soon to be layered in snow for winter, many creatures are looking for a place where they’ll feel warm and safe. Unfortunately, this means heading indoors into your home and making your residence their cozy winter cabin as well. When winter is fast approaching, you will immediately notice an increase number of insects and other pests crawling into your home. So, what’s the best thing you can do? The answer to do this is pest-proofing your home. Vulcan Pest Control Birmingham has some smart suggestions for you.

Pests, when they wish to avoid the cold outdoors, would sneak inside your home. And their favorite entryways will be the various gaps, holes and cracks on your doors, windows, chimneys, drains and utility holes. To prevent them from invading your abode, you must do something to seal these various openings. If you’ve recently done some renovations with dumpster rental Atlanta, you can get rid of old broken items and replace the coverings with better ones. For doors and windows, putting in screens and weather stripping around them will help to exclude the pests out. Vents, drains, pipes and chimneys should have mesh covers or caps on them so that rodents, roaches and critters will not be able to pass through them. Torn screens and meshes should also be replaced or mended so that they’ll do a perfect job of barring a myriad of little insects and pests from entering your place

Keeping your place in order will largely help to make your home pest-free. This means that you have to get rid of the clutter in your garage, attic or basement. Keep your personal items, clothing and documents inside plastic containers that won’t easily be gnawed upon by rodents. Trash cans should be covered and emptied every night so that they don’t attract ants, flies and cockroaches. With the coldness of winter, you’ll probably be prompted to fire up your wood fireplace so see to it that logs are stored outside and are placed a good distance from the house to avoid luring in termites and rodents into your residence.

Perhaps the best step to pest-proof your home during wintertime is to eliminate the food sources. Apart from a warm home, pests will be more attracted to stay in your residence if they have easy access to food. You need to make sure that food sources don’t come in handy for them so you must clean up spills and food scraps on tables and floors. Store your food supplies in airtight containers and empty your trash bins as frequently as you can. Avoid putting pet food and bird feeders outside your home as providing food to eat outside will definitely attract a horde of wild animals and pests around

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